Our family-owned business has been serving Central Florida for more than 30 years.  With a combined 100+ years  experience in the pool industry, our team knows how to make amazing things happen in your backyard! 

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Swimming Pool upgrades and repairs

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Pool Design

new Construction and renovations

Are you growing tired of that old run-down looking pool?


Give us a call and we will help you spruce it up with a new water feature or upgrade your decking.

Amazing Things Can Happen In Your Backyard

Have a perfect spot in your yard for a beautiful pool?


We can certainly fill that space for you. We offer custom, professionally designed pools and spas.

water features

spas, fountains and waterfalls

TC Water Features is your source for quality pool construction, swimming pool renovations, and beautiful outdoor water features. Our company couples quality swimming pool construction with elegant design. Our more than three decades of experience as pool builders insure that your swimming pool remodeling and construction projects will be completed correctly and within budget.

We can help repair most issues with the structure itself or equipment changes.


Don't let a little issue become a big deal. Let us get your pool looking like new. We keep your pool clean so you can enjoy it!